David Richman’s

A Deeper Dive

Dive deeper into today’s important issues with David Richman as he interviews portfolio managers, behavioral finance professionals, psychologists and other professionals using a real gloves-off approach and providing helpful takeaways.

Nurturing Relationships

Successful financial advisors and advisory teams nurture deep client relationships. They engage where client lives intersect with money. The programming in this series is designed to help advisors deepen and broaden their client conversations.

Inspiring Conviction

Are robo-advisors a serious competitive threat to today’s financial advisors? Will they disrupt advisory relationships and drive fee compression? The programming in this series seeks to move beyond the notions of building confidence, to inspiring true conviction in the minds of advisors, clients and prospects.

Attracting Clients

Do advisors really "acquire" new clients? Successful advisors seek to convey their capabilities to those they are hoping to serve. The programming in this series is designed to help advisors in the art of attraction.

David Richman

National Director of Eaton Vance Advisor Institute

"How are you viewed? We provide an "outside-in" perspective. We help you see, hear and feel what they experience – the people you encounter, the prospects you meet with, the clients you serve – when they experience you."

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David M. Gordon, CFA, CPWA

Director of Eaton Vance Advisor Institute

"As client complexity increases, whether through wealth, age or family circumstance, so do the tensions among fees and taxes, risk and objectives, expectations and preferences. These tensions complicate the investment process by masking simple truths. We work to sharpen advisors' edge by helping them reflect on and refine their investment approaches."

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