Distribution Rates as of Dec 2, 2016, unless otherwise indicated.
Fund NameSymbolDistribution Rate at NAV1Distribution Rate at MKT1Standardized PerformancePick List
California Municipal Bond FundEVM4.865.27more info 
California Municipal Bond Fund IIEIA4.234.64more info 
California Municipal Income TrustCEV3.884.34more info 
Enhanced Equity Income FundEOI7.778.63more info 
Enhanced Equity Income Fund IIEOS7.738.12more info 
Floating-Rate Income Plus FundEFF5.726.17more info 
Floating-Rate Income TrustEFT5.996.24more info 
High Income 2021 Target Term TrustEHT5.926.08more info 
Limited Duration Income FundEVV6.967.81more info 
Massachusetts Municipal Bond FundMAB4.034.38more info 
Massachusetts Municipal Income TrustMMV3.634.01more info 
Michigan Municipal Bond FundMIW4.354.88more info 
Michigan Municipal Income TrustEMI3.744.25more info 
Municipal Bond FundEIM5.055.52more info 
Municipal Bond Fund IIEIV4.705.17more info 
Municipal Income 2028 Term TrustETX4.344.46more info 
Municipal Income TrustEVN5.645.93more info 
National Municipal Opportunities TrustEOT4.744.89more info 
New Jersey Municipal Bond FundEMJ4.625.04more info 
New Jersey Municipal Income TrustEVJ4.404.94more info 
New York Municipal Bond FundENX4.705.10more info 
New York Municipal Bond Fund IINYH4.625.07more info 
New York Municipal Income TrustEVY4.434.86more info 
Ohio Municipal Bond FundEIO4.434.49more info 
Ohio Municipal Income TrustEVO4.134.45more info 
Pennsylvania Municipal Bond FundEIP4.715.17more info 
Pennsylvania Municipal Income TrustEVP4.034.47more info 
Risk-Managed Diversified Equity Income FundETJ11.2512.70more info 
Senior Floating-Rate TrustEFR6.386.60more info 
Senior Income TrustEVF5.826.31more info 
Short Duration Diversified Income FundEVG7.218.10more info 
Tax-Advantaged Bond and Option Strategies FundEXD8.799.61more info 
Tax-Advantaged Dividend Income FundEVT8.158.69more info 
Tax-Advantaged Global Dividend Income FundETG7.888.90more info 
Tax-Advantaged Global Dividend Opportunities FundETO10.0710.75more info 
Tax-Managed Buy-Write Income FundETB8.397.94more info 
Tax-Managed Buy-Write Opportunities FundETV9.488.98more info 
Tax-Managed Diversified Equity Income FundETY9.009.98more info 
Tax-Managed Global Buy-Write Opportunities FundETW10.9211.41more info 
Tax-Managed Global Diversified Equity Income FundEXG11.0412.12more info 

1 The Distribution Rate is based on the Fund's most recent regular distribution per share (annualized) divided by the Fund’s NAV or market price at the end of the period. The Fund's distribution may be comprised of ordinary income, net realized capital gains and returns of capital. Certain Funds have adopted a managed distribution plan. Regular distributions throughout the year may include net realized capital gains, net investment income and a return of capital. A return of capital distribution does not necessarily reflect the Fund's investment performance and should not be confused with "yield" or "income." Click here for more information.