What are Custom Beta separately managed account strategies?

Custom Beta is a suite of separately managed account strategies, providing the benefits of passive investing along with tax and personalization advantages not available in ETFs.

Custom Beta strategies include Parametric Custom Core™ equity and Eaton Vance Ladders.

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Eaton Vance Separately Managed Account Offerings

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Fixed Income


US Equity

International Equity

Asset Allocation


  • Parametric Enhanced Income Core
  • Parametric Enhanced Income Core Tax-Advantaged
  • Parametric DeltaShift: A professionally managed covered call writing program that seeks to enhance total return and generate incremental income for investors with concentrated stock positions.
  • Parametric Portfolio DeltaShift: Call writing program implemented by selling call options on an index that correlates to the expected returns of a client’s diversified equity portfolio.
  • Parametric OARS (Options Absolute Return Strategy): An equity index option overlay strategy employing an absolute return investment approach.
  • Parametric Dynamic Hedged Equity: Hedging program implemented by buying put options and selling call options on an index that correlates to the expected returns of a client’s diversified equity portfolio.
  • Risk-Managed Put Selling (RPS): An S&P 500 Index put option spread selling strategy to generate tax-friendly premium with low volatility and defined risk.

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Additional index and social screen options are available for the Parametric Custom Core™ strategy. Product availability and customization options may vary by firm and platform.

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Concentrated Stock Position Calculator

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Parametric Custom Core is offered through Parametric Custom Tax-Managed & Centralized Portfolio Management. Laddered strategies are offered by Eaton Vance Management, an SEC registered investment advisor. Eaton Vance Management is an affiliate of Parametric.

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