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Reframe your 'ready position'

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      By David RichmanNational Director, Eaton Vance Advisor Institute

      Before your next outreach call to a warm — or even quasi-warm — prospective client, consider this exercise:

      1. Write down three things you know about the person
      2. Write down a few words or a phrase that best captures your current emotional state
      3. Practice your opening
      4. Make the call

      After your call, reflect on the following questions:

      • How did my emotional state influence my opening?
      • When an objection came up, what was my emotional state then?
      • How did that emotional state influence my behavior?

      What are we doing with this exercise? We are stimulating your readiness mindset by building your awareness muscle. Think about the "ready position" of a tennis player and apply it to your phone prospecting efforts. It is both a physical and mental state.

      Regularly bring real-time consciousness to noticing your emotional state. If you are noticing that your emotional state might be driving suboptimal outcomes, then work to reframe your mindset. My favorite reframing for a more desired emotional state can be summarized with three words:

      • Calm — If you are noticing you get anxious, defensive or perhaps even angry, take a breath
      • Confident — You are in control of how you react to what is said
      • Curious — Ask that next question

      Reframe your mindset by harnessing the combined value of calmness, confidence and curiosity.

      Bottom line: Reframing your "ready position" should start with ritual before the call and carry through to the moment where a calm, confident and curious demeanor results in the scheduling of a deeper-dive meeting. Even if the call does not end the way you'd like, you can hang up the phone knowing your mindset did not get in the way.