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By David RichmanNational Director, Eaton Vance Advisor Institute

Enjoying a brief reprieve from tropical storm Henri's relentless pounding last weekend, there it was — the eye of the storm. Such a spectacular sight yet hard to fully appreciate in the moment as the waters were rising, and tree limbs were flying across the yard.

Upon reflection, the eye of the storm reminds me of a lesson we teach in our prospecting workshops — maintaining a state of equanimity, in other words; staying calm and confident.

In the midst of a challenging role-play, advisors sometimes lose their cools — which means it likely also occurs in real prospecting calls. Why? The proverbial waters are rising and tree limbs are flying in the form of a prospect's chilly response, abrupt interruption or objection.

What can you do?

  • Pause and take a breath
  • Visualize the calmness of the eye of the storm rather than immediately reacting
  • Pose a question calmly and confidently

Bottom line: No matter how strong the winds of a prospecting call may be blowing, remember calm and strength can be found in the eye of the storm. Keep an even keel; maintain your state of equanimity.