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Chasing Positivity®:
The Charismatic Advisor® in Conversation

David Richman and Robert Brooks, Ph.D.
Provides a new paradigm, the 3 Dynamics, to improve your ability to nurture client resilience and attract new clients.
Client Primacy:
Inspiring Intentional Outcomes

David Richman and Alan Parisse
Explores the disciplines of the “Intentional Advisor” who inspires clients to choose to do what they will wish they had done.
The Charismatic Advisor®

David Richman and Robert Brooks, Ph.D.
Provides practical insights to help you build deeper client connectivity and decommoditize your business.
Questions Great Financial Advisors Ask

David Richman and Alan Parisse
Details questions advisors can ask to help investors overcome the emotional obstacles that often thwart financial success.
This Is Your Time

David Richman and Alan Parisse
Reinforces the mindset that difficult times are actually the best times for you to fortify your value and grow your business.

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