Fund Holdings (%)1,2 as of Jun 30, 2020

Holding % of Net Assets
Tencent Holdings Ltd 10.89%
AIA Group Ltd 8.86%
Ping An Insurance Group Co of China Ltd 5.37%
Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Ltd 5.09%
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd 4.63%
Haier Electronics Group Co Ltd 4.45%
Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co Ltd 3.91%
China Mobile Ltd 3.25%
Link REIT 3.13%
China Resources Gas Group Ltd 2.92%
TravelSky Technology Ltd 2.92%
ANTA Sports Products Ltd 2.83%
United States Dollar 2.78%
Zhejiang Supor Co Ltd 2.78%
Sinopharm Group Co Ltd 2.67%
Dali Foods Group Co Ltd 2.64%
President Chain Store Corp 2.47%
Tingyi Cayman Islands Holding Corp 2.37%
Sands China Ltd 2.24%
China Mengniu Dairy Co Ltd 2.13%
Centre Testing International Group Co Ltd 1.82%
Xiabuxiabu Catering Management China Holdings Co Ltd 1.75%
China Pacific Insurance Group Co Ltd 1.66%
Foshan Haitian Flavouring & Food Co Ltd 1.46%
Cathay Financial Holding Co Ltd 1.43%
Dian Diagnostics Group Co Ltd 1.32%
Poya International Co Ltd 1.27%
CTBC Financial Holding Co Ltd 1.09%
China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd 1.01%
Largan Precision Co Ltd 0.98%
Beijing Sinnet Technology Co Ltd 0.98%
Vitasoy International Holdings Ltd 0.94%
Dairy Farm International Holdings Ltd 0.93%
By-health Co Ltd 0.90%
SITC International Holdings Co Ltd 0.87%
Beijing SuperMap Software Co Ltd 0.80%
AK Medical Holdings Ltd 0.65%
Samsonite International SA 0.56%
Yum China Holdings Inc 0.55%
Shanghai International Airport Co Ltd 0.49%
Chinese Yuan 0.05%
Hong Kong Dollar 0.00%
New Taiwan Dollar 0.00%