For times like these.

Interest rates have fluctuated before. Volatility has threatened. Taxes have risen. But few have seen a time when all three have happened at once. At Eaton Vance, we’ve been helping investors navigate these challenges for almost a century, with a range of strategies designed to help clients achieve their goals.

help maintain Income
  •  Hedge interest-rate risk
  •  Possibly boost income potential
  •  Manage duration risk
  •  Diversify U.S. Dollar Exposure
  •  Capitalize on opportunities
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help manageVolatility
  •  Capitalize on absolute return
  •  "Go anywhere" to find opportunities
  •  Emphasize quality
  •  Employ rules-based discipline


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help easeTax Burden
  •  Customize income profile
  •  Explore tax-exempt income options 
  •  Focus on after-tax total return
  •  Aim to reduce taxes on equities


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Tools & Resources

Advisory Blog

Timely insights on the issues that matter most to investors – Income, Volatility and Taxes.

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Tax Information

View our available tax information, including distribution summaries, tax guides and tax supplements.

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Investment Tax Center

View the breakdown of how taxes could consume more than 50 cents of every dollar earned.

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Laddered Investing Interest Rate Scenario Tool

Explore how laddered portfolios may perform during a rising interest-rate environment.

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Tax-Equivalent Yield Calculator

See how munis’ favorable tax status compares with taxable bonds of equal quality and maturity.

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