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Municipal bond investing is complex and constantly changing. AAA-rated bond insurance has disappeared. Credit research is more important than ever. Access to bonds is limited for individual investors.
We can help you address these challenges.

Ladder With A Leader

40+ years of experience in tax-exempt investing. Access to over 120 dealers.
  • 40+ years of experience in tax-exempt investing
  • Tax-Advantaged Bond Strategies (TABS) group manages over $35 billion in municipal assets*
  • One of the largest municipal investment teams in the U.S.
  • Rigorous research to identify opportunities and mitigate credit risk

*as of 6/30/19

Transition an Existing Bond Portfolio

In just one business day, we’ll give you a view of how your client’s bond portfolio could look under our management.

Put Cash to Work

In just one business day, we’ll give you a view of how your client’s cash can become a comprehensive fixed-income portfolio.

Eaton Vance TABS Municipal Ladders

Get a personalized approach for your clients. We’ll thoughtfully select securities to create a unique, equal-weighted laddered portfolio.

In addition, TABS Municipal Ladders offer:

  • Over 4,000 unique styles
  • Direct access to portfolio managers for advisor/client meetings
  • A dedicated team of 16 analysts and exceptional service to identify transition opportunities
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Availability and customization varies by firm.

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  • Get a personalized transition or sample report in one business day

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