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Mindset + intentionality: A powerful combination

"The Power of Mindsets" is the first chapter of "The Charismatic Advisor®", which Dr. Robert Brooks and I co-authored in 2010. A decade later, the first chapter in our sequel, "Chasing Positivity®: The Charismatic Advisor® in Conversation," is "The Power of Intentionality." Until recently, the importance of the combination of these principles — mindset and intentionality — eluded me.

The following is a rare personal share during a recent national webinar:

"I decided early on that this pandemic was not going to destroy my ability to find the joy in life every day and that this was going to be the most productive period of my career."

Please do not assume this suggests forsaking social distancing. Quite the contrary, my wife and I have been extremely risk-averse; we have not left our home in six weeks.

Mindset theorists, such as renowned psychologist Carol Dweck, would refer to my full embrace of the challenges of this moment as a "growth mindset" — is this enough? Well, it is a critical start AND is indeed enough when combined with being intentional.

A beautifully poetic definition of intentionality comes from Kevin Eastman, former longtime NBA coach and author of the wonderful book, "Why the Best are the Best":

"What I do on purpose to fulfill my purpose."

A growth mindset without intentionality is like deciding you want to lose weight, but continuing your high carb intake. For me, unfortunately, my carb intake persists, yet my resolve to live in each moment and to make this the most productive period of my career is unwavering. Focus on this purpose is not simply aspirational — it frames my actions each day.

Consider applying Coach Eastman's definition of intentionality and articulating what you want these uniquely challenging days to mean for you. This "mindset" can now become your stated "purpose." What are you doing "on purpose" each day to fulfill your purpose?

Bottom line: Choose a growth mindset. This is your time to reaffirm your purpose and bring great intentionality to fulfilling your purpose.

"What are you doing 'on purpose' each day to fulfill your purpose?"

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