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Transform Conversations With a Simple Word

Including certain words and phrases in your conversations can help you inspire prospects and clients to take actions that are in their best interests. The most powerful way for you to transform prospect and client conversations is using the word "and," as it has such versatility.

A Building Word

The subtext of "and" is you acknowledge what they're saying without judging its merits. This allows you to build upon their current positioning and thinking.

Consider a word that has the opposite effect, "but." While it likely does have its place, it is an overused word that does not always inspire action.

Let's suppose a prospect says he/she is sitting in cash due to how confusing these markets are right now. If you say "I agree with you, but," what does that really mean?

It could easily be construed that you really didn't agree with him/her or you wouldn't have inserted the word but. Instead, you could say "I agree with you, and," "This world is nuts, and." It is a totally different dynamic.

A Stand-Alone Question Unto Itself

Try it in your next conversation when a client shares a thought with you, yet you feel there might be more he/she isn't sharing. Simply pause and ask: "And?"

Bottom line: Sometimes the most effective words are the simplest — incorporate the word "and" into more of your conversations.

"The most powerful way for you to transform prospect and client conversations is using the word 'and,' as it has such versatility."

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