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Equity markets can be volatile—but they can also provide opportunities that may be overlooked by the average investor. Richard Bernstein Advisors LLC employs intensive research that combines macro-economic analysis with quantitative stock selection. The result? Innovative, risk-managed strategies that seek to discover value around the world.

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2017 – Inflation returns

2017 – Inflation returns

Richard Bernstein | December 2016

The major secular investment theme during the past eight years was global deflation. However, the postbubble secular period of deflation and slow nominal growth now seems to be ending, and re-inflation could be a prime investment theme for 2017. We hope to take advantage of that important shift because consensus portfolios generally remain positioned for stagnation and deflation rather than for stronger nominal growth.

The opportunity cost keeps growing and growing

The opportunity cost keeps growing and growing

Richard Bernstein | November 2016

In a recent report we demonstrated that, contrary to popular belief, investors are not faced with a low-return environment. Through October 31, the annualized five-year return on the S&P 500® exceeded 13%. We asked how long will returns need to exceed expectations before investors will admit that the financial markets are not in a low-return environment?

It ain’t just the Fed

It ain’t just the Fed

Richard Bernstein | October 2016

It seems unprecedented to us that the U.S. stock market is in the seventh year of a bull market and investors generally remain too fearful to invest in equities. The data clearly show that not only are individual investors cautious, but so are pensions, endowments, foundations and hedge funds. Investors are typically quite bullish by this time in the bull market, but that does not appear to be the case today.

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