Reactions from Eaton Vance investment professionals

Edward J. Perkin, CFA

Chief Equity Investment Officer | Bio

"Tax reform is still the big, looming catalyst for the market. The rally sparked by the promise of tax reform is somewhat misleading as not all companies will be winners. Active fundamental analysis of industries and companies will be key. We believe investors should look to the telecom sector, energy services sector, and small and midsized industrials sector for potential wins."

Richard Bernstein

CEO and CIO, Richard Bernstein Advisors, LLC | Bio

"Strong equity runs typically prompt investors to buy stocks, but investors remain very hesitant to dive into equity markets. Instead of concentrating on political uncertainty and geopolitical events, investors should focus on strong fundamentals. Ultimately, it’s fundamentals, not politics that drive the market."

Kathleen Gaffney, CFA

Co-Director, Diversified Fixed Income | Bio

"Though the fixed income markets experienced a rally in recent months, it is going to become increasingly difficult to generate return. Flexibility to move outside of traditional fixed-income sectors as spreads continue to tighten will be pivotal for fixed income investors. We believe looking overseas to emerging markets with strong fundamentals will produce more value for investors than markets in developed nations."