Reactions from Eaton Vance investment professionals


Yana Barton, CFA

Portfolio Manager, Growth Team

"Earnings and guidance have been strong to date, despite volatility driven by macroeconomic and geopolitical issues. In an environment characterized by rising interest rates and higher input costs, stocks of companies demonstrating healthy top line results and pricing power should continue to offer attractive long-term value. For investors, the important thing is to not let short-term volatility disrupt their long-term plan."


Michael A. Allison, CFA

Director of Equity Strategy Implementation

"Rising equity markets and capital-gains distributions have caused investors to focus more on taxes. Tax-efficient strategies that systematically incorporate tax management into their approach and seek to minimize distributions may help limit the tax burden for investors."


Jade Huang

Portfolio Manager, Calvert Research and Management

"Investors and businesses are taking up the banner on issues like climate change and diversity where political forces are falling behind. Evaluating non-financial capital is increasingly being recognized as a sound financial, risk-management strategy."