Fund Name Summary Prospectus Full Prospectus SAI Annual Report Semi-Annual Report XBRL
1-to-10 Year Laddered Corporate Bond Fund - EICBX EICBX and Summary Prospectus EICBX and Full Prospectus EICBX and SAI EICBX and Annual Report EICBX and Semi-Annual Report EICBX and XBRL
AMT-Free Municipal Income Fund - EVMBX EVMBX and Summary Prospectus EVMBX and Full Prospectus EVMBX and SAI EVMBX and Annual Report EVMBX and Semi-Annual Report EVMBX and XBRL
Arizona Municipal Income Fund - EIAZX EIAZX and Summary Prospectus EIAZX and Full Prospectus EIAZX and SAI EIAZX and Annual Report EIAZX and Semi-Annual Report EIAZX and XBRL
Atlanta Capital Focused Growth Fund - EILGX EILGX and Summary Prospectus EILGX and Full Prospectus EILGX and SAI EILGX and Annual Report EILGX and Semi-Annual Report EILGX and XBRL
Atlanta Capital Select Equity Fund - ESEIX ESEIX and Summary Prospectus ESEIX and Full Prospectus ESEIX and SAI ESEIX and Annual Report ESEIX and Semi-Annual Report ESEIX and XBRL
Atlanta Capital SMID-Cap Fund - EISMX EISMX and Summary Prospectus EISMX and Full Prospectus EISMX and SAI EISMX and Annual Report EISMX and Semi-Annual Report EISMX and XBRL
Balanced Fund - EIIFX EIIFX and Summary Prospectus EIIFX and Full Prospectus EIIFX and SAI EIIFX and Annual Report EIIFX and Semi-Annual Report EIIFX and XBRL
California Municipal Opportunities Fund - EICAX EICAX and Summary Prospectus EICAX and Full Prospectus EICAX and SAI EICAX and Annual Report EICAX and Semi-Annual Report EICAX and XBRL
Commodity Strategy Fund - EICSX EICSX and Summary Prospectus EICSX and Full Prospectus EICSX and SAI EICSX and Annual Report EICSX and Semi-Annual Report EICSX and XBRL
Connecticut Municipal Income Fund - EICTX EICTX and Summary Prospectus EICTX and Full Prospectus EICTX and SAI EICTX and Annual Report EICTX and Semi-Annual Report EICTX and XBRL
Core Bond Fund - EIGIX EIGIX and Summary Prospectus EIGIX and Full Prospectus EIGIX and SAI EIGIX and Annual Report EIGIX and Semi-Annual Report EIGIX and XBRL
Core Plus Bond Fund - EIBAX EIBAX and Summary Prospectus EIBAX and Full Prospectus EIBAX and SAI EIBAX and Annual Report EIBAX and Semi-Annual Report EIBAX and XBRL
Diversified Currency Income Fund - EIIMX EIIMX and Summary Prospectus EIIMX and Full Prospectus EIIMX and SAI EIIMX and Annual Report EIIMX and Semi-Annual Report EIIMX and XBRL
Dividend Builder Fund - EIUTX EIUTX and Summary Prospectus EIUTX and Full Prospectus EIUTX and SAI EIUTX and Annual Report EIUTX and Semi-Annual Report EIUTX and XBRL
Emerging and Frontier Countries Equity Fund - EICOX EICOX and Summary Prospectus EICOX and Full Prospectus EICOX and SAI EICOX and Annual Report EICOX and Semi-Annual Report EICOX and XBRL
Emerging Markets Debt Fund - EEIDX EEIDX and Summary Prospectus EEIDX and Full Prospectus EEIDX and SAI     EEIDX and XBRL
Emerging Markets Debt Opportunities Fund - EIDOX EIDOX and Summary Prospectus EIDOX and Full Prospectus EIDOX and SAI EIDOX and Annual Report EIDOX and Semi-Annual Report EIDOX and XBRL
Emerging Markets Local Income Fund - EEIIX EEIIX and Summary Prospectus EEIIX and Full Prospectus EEIIX and SAI EEIIX and Annual Report EEIIX and Semi-Annual Report EEIIX and XBRL
Floating-Rate & High Income Fund - EIFHX EIFHX and Summary Prospectus EIFHX and Full Prospectus EIFHX and SAI EIFHX and Annual Report EIFHX and Semi-Annual Report EIFHX and XBRL
Floating-Rate Advantage Fund - EIFAX EIFAX and Summary Prospectus EIFAX and Full Prospectus EIFAX and SAI EIFAX and Annual Report EIFAX and Semi-Annual Report EIFAX and XBRL
Floating-Rate Fund - EIBLX EIBLX and Summary Prospectus EIBLX and Full Prospectus EIBLX and SAI EIBLX and Annual Report EIBLX and Semi-Annual Report EIBLX and XBRL
Floating-Rate Municipal Income Fund - EILMX EILMX and Summary Prospectus EILMX and Full Prospectus EILMX and SAI EILMX and Annual Report EILMX and Semi-Annual Report EILMX and XBRL
Focused Global Opportunities Fund - EFGIX EFGIX and Summary Prospectus EFGIX and Full Prospectus EFGIX and SAI EFGIX and Annual Report EFGIX and Semi-Annual Report EFGIX and XBRL
Focused Growth Opportunities Fund - EIFGX EIFGX and Summary Prospectus EIFGX and Full Prospectus EIFGX and SAI EIFGX and Annual Report EIFGX and Semi-Annual Report EIFGX and XBRL
Focused International Opportunities Fund - EFIIX EFIIX and Summary Prospectus EFIIX and Full Prospectus EFIIX and SAI EFIIX and Annual Report EFIIX and Semi-Annual Report EFIIX and XBRL
Focused Value Opportunities Fund - EIFVX EIFVX and Summary Prospectus EIFVX and Full Prospectus EIFVX and SAI EIFVX and Annual Report EIFVX and Semi-Annual Report EIFVX and XBRL
Georgia Municipal Income Fund - EIGAX EIGAX and Summary Prospectus EIGAX and Full Prospectus EIGAX and SAI EIGAX and Annual Report EIGAX and Semi-Annual Report EIGAX and XBRL
Global Income Builder Fund - EDIIX EDIIX and Summary Prospectus EDIIX and Full Prospectus EDIIX and SAI EDIIX and Annual Report EDIIX and Semi-Annual Report EDIIX and XBRL
Global Macro Absolute Return Advantage Fund - EGRIX EGRIX and Summary Prospectus EGRIX and Full Prospectus EGRIX and SAI EGRIX and Annual Report EGRIX and Semi-Annual Report EGRIX and XBRL
Global Macro Absolute Return Fund - EIGMX EIGMX and Summary Prospectus EIGMX and Full Prospectus EIGMX and SAI EIGMX and Annual Report EIGMX and Semi-Annual Report EIGMX and XBRL
Global Small-Cap Equity Fund - ESVIX ESVIX and Summary Prospectus ESVIX and Full Prospectus ESVIX and SAI ESVIX and Annual Report ESVIX and Semi-Annual Report ESVIX and XBRL
Government Opportunities Fund - EIGOX EIGOX and Summary Prospectus EIGOX and Full Prospectus EIGOX and SAI EIGOX and Annual Report EIGOX and Semi-Annual Report EIGOX and XBRL
Greater China Growth Fund - EICGX EICGX and Summary Prospectus EICGX and Full Prospectus EICGX and SAI EICGX and Annual Report EICGX and Semi-Annual Report EICGX and XBRL
Greater India Fund - EGIIX EGIIX and Summary Prospectus EGIIX and Full Prospectus EGIIX and SAI EGIIX and Annual Report EGIIX and Semi-Annual Report EGIIX and XBRL
Growth Fund - ELCIX ELCIX and Summary Prospectus ELCIX and Full Prospectus ELCIX and SAI ELCIX and Annual Report ELCIX and Semi-Annual Report ELCIX and XBRL
Hedged Stock Fund - EROIX EROIX and Summary Prospectus EROIX and Full Prospectus EROIX and SAI EROIX and Annual Report EROIX and Semi-Annual Report EROIX and XBRL
Hexavest Global Equity Fund - EHGIX EHGIX and Summary Prospectus EHGIX and Full Prospectus EHGIX and SAI EHGIX and Annual Report EHGIX and Semi-Annual Report EHGIX and XBRL
Hexavest International Equity Fund - EHIIX EHIIX and Summary Prospectus EHIIX and Full Prospectus EHIIX and SAI EHIIX and Annual Report EHIIX and Semi-Annual Report EHIIX and XBRL
High Income Opportunities Fund - EIHIX EIHIX and Summary Prospectus EIHIX and Full Prospectus EIHIX and SAI EIHIX and Annual Report EIHIX and Semi-Annual Report EIHIX and XBRL
High Yield Municipal Income Fund - EIHYX EIHYX and Summary Prospectus EIHYX and Full Prospectus EIHYX and SAI EIHYX and Annual Report EIHYX and Semi-Annual Report EIHYX and XBRL
Income Fund of Boston - EIBIX EIBIX and Summary Prospectus EIBIX and Full Prospectus EIBIX and SAI EIBIX and Annual Report EIBIX and Semi-Annual Report EIBIX and XBRL
International Small-Cap Fund - EILIX EILIX and Summary Prospectus EILIX and Full Prospectus EILIX and SAI EILIX and Annual Report EILIX and Semi-Annual Report EILIX and XBRL
Large-Cap Value Fund - EILVX EILVX and Summary Prospectus EILVX and Full Prospectus EILVX and SAI EILVX and Annual Report EILVX and Semi-Annual Report EILVX and XBRL
Maryland Municipal Income Fund - EIMDX EIMDX and Summary Prospectus EIMDX and Full Prospectus EIMDX and SAI EIMDX and Annual Report EIMDX and Semi-Annual Report EIMDX and XBRL
Massachusetts Municipal Income Fund - EIMAX EIMAX and Summary Prospectus EIMAX and Full Prospectus EIMAX and SAI EIMAX and Annual Report EIMAX and Semi-Annual Report EIMAX and XBRL
Minnesota Municipal Income Fund - EIMNX EIMNX and Summary Prospectus EIMNX and Full Prospectus EIMNX and SAI EIMNX and Annual Report EIMNX and Semi-Annual Report EIMNX and XBRL
Missouri Municipal Income Fund - EIMOX EIMOX and Summary Prospectus EIMOX and Full Prospectus EIMOX and SAI EIMOX and Annual Report EIMOX and Semi-Annual Report EIMOX and XBRL
Multi-Strategy Absolute Return Fund - EIDDX EIDDX and Summary Prospectus EIDDX and Full Prospectus EIDDX and SAI EIDDX and Annual Report EIDDX and Semi-Annual Report EIDDX and XBRL
Multi-Strategy All Market Fund - EIAMX EIAMX and Summary Prospectus EIAMX and Full Prospectus EIAMX and SAI EIAMX and Annual Report EIAMX and Semi-Annual Report EIAMX and XBRL
Multisector Income Fund - EVBIX EVBIX and Summary Prospectus EVBIX and Full Prospectus EVBIX and SAI EVBIX and Annual Report EVBIX and Semi-Annual Report EVBIX and XBRL
Municipal Opportunities Fund - EMOIX EMOIX and Summary Prospectus EMOIX and Full Prospectus EMOIX and SAI EMOIX and Annual Report EMOIX and Semi-Annual Report EMOIX and XBRL
National Limited Maturity Municipal Income Fund - EINAX EINAX and Summary Prospectus EINAX and Full Prospectus EINAX and SAI EINAX and Annual Report EINAX and Semi-Annual Report EINAX and XBRL
National Municipal Income Fund - EIHMX EIHMX and Summary Prospectus EIHMX and Full Prospectus EIHMX and SAI EIHMX and Annual Report EIHMX and Semi-Annual Report EIHMX and XBRL
New Jersey Municipal Income Fund - EINJX EINJX and Summary Prospectus EINJX and Full Prospectus EINJX and SAI EINJX and Annual Report EINJX and Semi-Annual Report EINJX and XBRL
New York Municipal Income Fund - EINYX EINYX and Summary Prospectus EINYX and Full Prospectus EINYX and SAI EINYX and Annual Report EINYX and Semi-Annual Report EINYX and XBRL
New York Municipal Opportunities Fund - ENYIX ENYIX and Summary Prospectus ENYIX and Full Prospectus ENYIX and SAI ENYIX and Annual Report ENYIX and Semi-Annual Report ENYIX and XBRL
North Carolina Municipal Income Fund - EINCX EINCX and Summary Prospectus EINCX and Full Prospectus EINCX and SAI EINCX and Annual Report EINCX and Semi-Annual Report EINCX and XBRL
Ohio Municipal Income Fund - EIOHX EIOHX and Summary Prospectus EIOHX and Full Prospectus EIOHX and SAI EIOHX and Annual Report EIOHX and Semi-Annual Report EIOHX and XBRL
Oregon Municipal Income Fund - EIORX EIORX and Summary Prospectus EIORX and Full Prospectus EIORX and SAI EIORX and Annual Report EIORX and Semi-Annual Report EIORX and XBRL
Pennsylvania Municipal Income Fund - EIPAX EIPAX and Summary Prospectus EIPAX and Full Prospectus EIPAX and SAI EIPAX and Annual Report EIPAX and Semi-Annual Report EIPAX and XBRL
Real Estate Fund - EIREX EIREX and Summary Prospectus EIREX and Full Prospectus EIREX and SAI EIREX and Annual Report EIREX and Semi-Annual Report EIREX and XBRL
Richard Bernstein All Asset Strategy Fund - EIRAX EIRAX and Summary Prospectus EIRAX and Full Prospectus EIRAX and SAI EIRAX and Annual Report EIRAX and Semi-Annual Report EIRAX and XBRL
Richard Bernstein Equity Strategy Fund - ERBIX ERBIX and Summary Prospectus ERBIX and Full Prospectus ERBIX and SAI ERBIX and Annual Report ERBIX and Semi-Annual Report ERBIX and XBRL
Short Duration Government Income Fund - EILDX EILDX and Summary Prospectus EILDX and Full Prospectus EILDX and SAI EILDX and Annual Report EILDX and Semi-Annual Report EILDX and XBRL
Short Duration High Income Fund - ESHIX ESHIX and Summary Prospectus ESHIX and Full Prospectus ESHIX and SAI ESHIX and Annual Report ESHIX and Semi-Annual Report ESHIX and XBRL
Short Duration Inflation-Protected Income Fund - EIRRX EIRRX and Summary Prospectus EIRRX and Full Prospectus EIRRX and SAI EIRRX and Annual Report EIRRX and Semi-Annual Report EIRRX and XBRL
Short Duration Municipal Opportunities Fund - EMAIX EMAIX and Summary Prospectus EMAIX and Full Prospectus EMAIX and SAI EMAIX and Annual Report EMAIX and Semi-Annual Report EMAIX and XBRL
Short Duration Strategic Income Fund - ESIIX ESIIX and Summary Prospectus ESIIX and Full Prospectus ESIIX and SAI ESIIX and Annual Report ESIIX and Semi-Annual Report ESIIX and XBRL
Small-Cap Fund - EISGX EISGX and Summary Prospectus EISGX and Full Prospectus EISGX and SAI EISGX and Annual Report EISGX and Semi-Annual Report EISGX and XBRL
South Carolina Municipal Income Fund - EISCX EISCX and Summary Prospectus EISCX and Full Prospectus EISCX and SAI EISCX and Annual Report EISCX and Semi-Annual Report EISCX and XBRL
Special Equities Fund - EISEX EISEX and Summary Prospectus EISEX and Full Prospectus EISEX and SAI EISEX and Annual Report EISEX and Semi-Annual Report EISEX and XBRL
Stock Fund - EIERX EIERX and Summary Prospectus EIERX and Full Prospectus EIERX and SAI EIERX and Annual Report EIERX and Semi-Annual Report EIERX and XBRL
TABS 1-to-10 Year Laddered Municipal Bond Fund - EILBX EILBX and Summary Prospectus EILBX and Full Prospectus EILBX and SAI EILBX and Annual Report EILBX and Semi-Annual Report EILBX and XBRL
TABS 10-to-20 Year Laddered Municipal Bond Fund - EITTX EITTX and Summary Prospectus EITTX and Full Prospectus EITTX and SAI EITTX and Annual Report EITTX and Semi-Annual Report EITTX and XBRL
TABS 5-to-15 Year Laddered Municipal Bond Fund - EILTX EILTX and Summary Prospectus EILTX and Full Prospectus EILTX and SAI EILTX and Annual Report EILTX and Semi-Annual Report EILTX and XBRL
TABS Intermediate-Term Municipal Bond Fund - ETIIX ETIIX and Summary Prospectus ETIIX and Full Prospectus ETIIX and SAI ETIIX and Annual Report ETIIX and Semi-Annual Report ETIIX and XBRL
TABS Short-Term Municipal Bond Fund - EIBSX EIBSX and Summary Prospectus EIBSX and Full Prospectus EIBSX and SAI EIBSX and Annual Report EIBSX and Semi-Annual Report EIBSX and XBRL
Tax-Managed Equity Asset Allocation Fund - EIEAX EIEAX and Summary Prospectus EIEAX and Full Prospectus EIEAX and SAI EIEAX and Annual Report EIEAX and Semi-Annual Report EIEAX and XBRL
Tax-Managed Global Dividend Income Fund - EIDIX EIDIX and Summary Prospectus EIDIX and Full Prospectus EIDIX and SAI EIDIX and Annual Report EIDIX and Semi-Annual Report EIDIX and XBRL
Tax-Managed Growth Fund 1.0 - CAPEX       CAPEX and Annual Report CAPEX and Semi-Annual Report  
Tax-Managed Growth Fund 1.1 - EITMX EITMX and Summary Prospectus EITMX and Full Prospectus EITMX and SAI EITMX and Annual Report EITMX and Semi-Annual Report EITMX and XBRL
Tax-Managed Growth Fund 1.2 - EITGX EITGX and Summary Prospectus EITGX and Full Prospectus EITGX and SAI EITGX and Annual Report EITGX and Semi-Annual Report EITGX and XBRL
Tax-Managed Multi-Cap Growth Fund - EACPX EACPX and Summary Prospectus EACPX and Full Prospectus EACPX and SAI EACPX and Annual Report EACPX and Semi-Annual Report EACPX and XBRL
Tax-Managed Small-Cap Fund - EIMGX EIMGX and Summary Prospectus EIMGX and Full Prospectus EIMGX and SAI EIMGX and Annual Report EIMGX and Semi-Annual Report EIMGX and XBRL
Tax-Managed Value Fund - EITVX EITVX and Summary Prospectus EITVX and Full Prospectus EITVX and SAI EITVX and Annual Report EITVX and Semi-Annual Report EITVX and XBRL
Virginia Municipal Income Fund - EVAIX EVAIX and Summary Prospectus EVAIX and Full Prospectus EVAIX and SAI EVAIX and Annual Report EVAIX and Semi-Annual Report EVAIX and XBRL
Worldwide Health Sciences Fund - EIHSX EIHSX and Summary Prospectus EIHSX and Full Prospectus EIHSX and SAI EIHSX and Annual Report EIHSX and Semi-Annual Report EIHSX and XBRL

Additional Documents

Additional Documents

Merged Funds

The following documents link to the documents that the funds were merged into. For example, if Fund A merged into Fund B, then the documents below for Fund A will link to Fund B.

Global Small-Cap Fund


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VT Floating-Rate Income Fund


Other 2a-7

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