Yields as of Dec 31, 2020 and Distribution Rates as of Jan 15, 2021, unless otherwise indicated.
Fund NameSymbolSEC 30 Day Yield
SEC 30 Day Yield1Distribution Rate
at NAV 2
Standardized Performance
AMT-Free Municipal Income Fund (I) EVMBX 1.01 3.08 more info  
Arizona Municipal Income Fund (I) EIAZX 0.70 2.52 more info  
California Municipal Opportunities Fund (I) EICAX 0.75 1.55 more info  
Connecticut Municipal Income Fund (I) EICTX 0.78 2.54 more info  
Core Bond Fund (I) EIGIX 1.54 1.67 2.33 more info  
Core Plus Bond Fund (I) EIBAX 2.65 2.78 3.08 more info  
Dividend Builder Fund (I) EIUTX 1.25 1.83 more info  
Emerging Markets Debt Fund (I) EEIDX 2.44 4.28 5.00 more info  
Emerging Markets Debt Opportunities Fund (I) EIDOX 5.79 7.35 more info  
Emerging Markets Local Income Fund (I) EEIIX 5.74 5.74 9.62 more info  
Floating-Rate & High Income Fund (I) EIFHX 3.37 4.00 more info  
Floating-Rate Advantage Fund (I) EIFAX 4.16 4.19 more info  
Floating-Rate Fund (I) EIBLX 3.36 3.40 more info  
Floating-Rate Municipal Income Fund (I) EILMX 0.24 0.28 more info  
Georgia Municipal Income Fund (I) EIGAX 0.65 1.99 more info  
Global Bond Fund (I) EIIMX 1.34 1.85 6.46 more info  
Global Income Builder Fund (I) EDIIX 1.67 1.69 3.37 more info  
Global Macro Absolute Return Fund (I) EIGMX 3.33 8.72 more info  
Government Opportunities Fund (I) EIGOX 1.68 1.91 more info  
High Income Opportunities Fund (I) EIHIX 3.62 5.60 more info  
High Yield Municipal Income Fund (I) EIHYX 1.91 3.70 more info  
Income Fund of Boston (I) EIBIX 3.48 5.94 more info  
Maryland Municipal Income Fund (I) EIMDX 1.16 2.16 more info  
Massachusetts Municipal Income Fund (I) EIMAX 0.63 2.32 more info  
Minnesota Municipal Income Fund (I) EIMNX 0.63 1.93 more info  
Missouri Municipal Income Fund (I) EIMOX 0.87 2.18 more info  
Multi-Asset Credit Fund (I) EIAMX 3.46 3.46 4.56 more info  
Municipal Opportunities Fund (I) EMOIX 1.45 2.22 more info  
National Limited Maturity Municipal Income Fund (I) EINAX 0.57 2.20 more info  
National Municipal Income Fund (I) EIHMX 1.05 2.73 more info  
New Jersey Municipal Income Fund (I) EINJX 1.14 2.63 more info  
New York Municipal Income Fund (I) EINYX 1.06 1.81 more info  
New York Municipal Opportunities Fund (I) ENYIX 1.11 1.91 more info  
North Carolina Municipal Income Fund (I) EINCX 0.81 1.98 more info  
Ohio Municipal Income Fund (I) EIOHX 1.03 2.82 more info  
Oregon Municipal Income Fund (I) EIORX 0.84 1.97 more info  
Pennsylvania Municipal Income Fund (I) EIPAX 1.05 2.83 more info  
Short Duration Government Income Fund (I) EILDX 1.12 1.12 1.75 more info  
Short Duration High Income Fund (I) ESHIX 2.78 3.08 4.73 more info  
Short Duration Inflation-Protected Income Fund (I) EIRRX 1.47 1.61 3.26 more info  
Short Duration Municipal Opportunities Fund (I) EMAIX 1.11 1.89 more info  
Short Duration Strategic Income Fund (I) ESIIX 3.88 4.41 more info  
South Carolina Municipal Income Fund (I) EISCX 0.88 2.26 more info  
Tax-Managed Global Dividend Income Fund (I) EIDIX 0.52 3.09 more info  
Virginia Municipal Income Fund (I) EVAIX 0.93 2.48 more info  

1 SEC 30-Day Yield is calculated by dividing the net investment income per share for the 30-day period by the maximum offering price at the end of the period and annualizing the result. SEC 30-Day Yield reflects the effect of fee waivers and expense reimbursements when applicable.

2 The Distribution Rate is based on the Fund’s most recent monthly distribution per share (annualized) divided by the Fund’s NAV or market price at the end of the period. The Fund's monthly distribution may be comprised of ordinary income, net realized capital gains and returns of capital.