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Eaton Vance’s robust strategies have played key roles in many sound wealth management plans. We partner with financial advisors to help identify strategies that may be appropriate for their investors’ particular situations.

Parametric DeltaShift

Seeks to smooth out return characteristics and lower portfolio volatility.

  • Actively managed covered call writing program for portfolios or concentrated single-stock positions
  • Designed to enhance risk-adjusted return and generate incremental cash flow in most market environments
  • Designed to maintain significant upside exposure in rising markets

Parametric DeltaShift Strategy Overview »

Build custom bond ladders with confidence and ease

Eaton Vance Ladders are available for corporate or municipal bond portfolios.


Municipal Bond Ladders

Corporate Bond Ladders


Seeks predictable tax-free income1 and capital preservation

Seeks predictable income and capital preservation from high-quality corporate bonds


  • Rules-based to give clients predictable market exposure similar to an index
  • Customized: Target the precise maturity range, credit quality and state exposure a client desires
  • Constructed with municipal bonds that we identify as attractively valued
  • Limited or no turnover
  • Equally weighted with credit oversight
  • Rules-based to give clients predictable market exposure similar to an index
  • Customized: Target the precise maturity range, credit quality and reinvestment options
  • Constructed with high-quality corporate bonds that we identify as attractively valued
  • Limited or no turnover

Credit quality options2

AA | A | BBB

Choice between investment grade (BBB- or better) and A- or better

State options

National State-Specific: CA, NY, MA, MI, MN, NJ, OH, PA, TX
State Preference: CA,NY, AZ, CO, CT, GA, MA, MI, MN, MO, MD, NC, NJ, OH, OR, PA, TX, VA, UT*
Best Efforts: FL, HI, IN, KY, LA, SC, TN


Average duration

Any combination of maturity ranges between 1 to 20 years

Any combination of maturity ranges within 1-10 years, minimum of two bonds per maturity


A tailored, engineered approach to municipal bond investing

  • Guided by one of the largest and most experienced credit teams in the industry

A customizable approach using fundamental credit research

  • Supported by a dedicated team of experienced credit analysts with institutional buying power


See how a laddered municipal bond portfolio may perform in a rising rate environment

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See how a laddered corporate bond portfolio may perform in a rising rate environment

Explore the tool

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Tax-Equivalent Yield Calculator

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* Parametric Custom Core is offered through Parametric Custom Tax-Managed & Centralized Portfolio Management. Eaton Vance Management is an affiliate of Parametric.

This information is intended solely to report on investment strategies and opportunities identified by Parametric and Eaton Vance. Opinions and estimates offered constitute our judgment and are subject to change without notice, as are statements of financial market trends, which are based on current market conditions. We believe the information provided here is reliable, but do not warrant its accuracy or completeness. This material is not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any financial instrument. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The views and strategies described may not be suitable for all investors. Parametric and Eaton Vance do not provide legal, tax and/or accounting advice or services. Clients should consult with their own tax or legal advisor prior to entering into any transaction or strategy described herein.

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1 Fund share values are sensitive to stock market volatility. Investments in foreign instruments or currencies can involve greater risk and volatility than U.S. investments because of adverse market, economic, political, regulatory, geopolitical or other conditions. In emerging countries, these risks may be more significant. No Fund is a complete investment program and you may lose money investing in a Fund. The Fund may engage in other investment practices that may involve additional risks and you should review the Fund prospectus for a complete description.

2 Beta is a measure of the volatility of a security or an entire portfolio in relation to the market as a whole.

Investing entails risk, and each investment strategy listed is subject to specific risks, highlighted below.

Equity: Equity investment values are sensitive to stock market volatility.

Volatility: While certain funds have a targeted annual performance volatility range, their actual, or realized, volatility for longer or shorter periods may be materially higher or lower than the target range, depending on market conditions.

Taxes: Market conditions may limit the ability to generate tax losses or to generate dividend income taxed at favorable tax rates. The ability to utilize various tax-managed techniques may be curtailed or eliminated in the future by tax legislation or regulation.

Option strategy risk: The effectiveness of an option strategy is dependent upon a general imbalance of natural buyers over natural sellers of index options. This imbalance could decrease or be eliminated, which could have an adverse effect on a client portfolio.

Option overlay: An investor that sells an index call option incurs a liability in exchange for the up-front receipt of the option premium received. There is no guarantee that the investor’s portfolio will accurately track the index performance. This liability may result in the needed sale of assets. Participation in the program includes the purchase of put options or put spreads. There is no guarantee that the index put options included in the program will effectively protect the investor’s actual portfolio holdings. The actual performance of the investor’s portfolio may underperform the index and result in significant losses for the investor. The purchase and sale of options and the sale of investor assets may produce tax consequences for U.S. taxpayers. In the event of required asset sales, substantial capital gains taxes could be incurred. Discuss with your personal tax advisor how selling call options, purchasing put options or put spreads, and any potential sales of investor assets may affect your tax situation.

Advisory Services described here are offered through Eaton Vance Management, Parametric Portfolio Associates® LLC and Parametric Risk Advisors LLC. Investors should contact their financial advisor, as not all investments are suitable for all investors.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.